Hey there, thanks for continuing your journey through the book, this was a really interesting page when we sketched it out, we had this really interesting idea of how can we transition between the scenes of Milburn’s assassination to the forgotten world that Jay is struggling to survive in.

We wanted to find a way that we could shift the colour palettes and tell the story of how the world used to be before everything went wrong.

As well as doing an outstanding job on colours and letters, Simon art directed the project with me, came up with the idea of doing picture-in-picture layout  over the whole page.

The main background image is the smashed up remnants of the commercial sector, overlaid on it are the boxes containing the end of Milburn, Jay looking from the present day onto what the same place looked like in the past – it was a very clever idea and Seb and Simon executed it with some aplomb.


Introducing Cubat and ‘The Truth’

The way we ended the Milburn character was to introduce the character of Cubat.

This part of the post is going to be a bit tricky to explain without giving away any spoilers, but I will try my best, actually the best way is to continue to read through the book.  For now, it’s clear that Milburn and Cubat have been working together to get the refugees in.

Milburn made it really clear to Cubat that his last wish was that his daughter, Laika, knows ‘The Truth’.


‘The Truth’ is a theme that we explore a lot in this book, I wanted this line to resonate as Laika is in the media and she is spreading a message, whether that message is true or not, it’s the message that she needs to propagate.


When we look around at our ‘free press‘ today, the truth is trumped (lower case ‘T’) by convenience and popularity.


Sometimes the truth comes out, sometimes it takes a back seat, occasionally you’ll find it on the front page of papers, mostly you’ll have to search within a paper to find it, even then it may be in the reader’s letters section.



Related image

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Here Milburn’s last word echoes to Cubat ‘Make sure my daughter knows the truth’.



Cubat (as we will see later in the comic)  is a mysterious figure, I’m going to stop there as I don’t want to give any spoilers away, keep reading to find out more about where this twist will go.

Jay is about to continue his search for the truth, but first there is a gang in his way, are they the guardians of the truth that he is trying to uncover?