Hey there,

I’ve had so many questions about the blog posts and which posts appear below each page that I’ve put together this quick reference guide.

page 1      Welcome
page 2      How the team works
page 3      How we actually do this
page 4      Focus on colouring
page 5      Designing a villain
page 6      What’s more important story or art
page 7      The page that never was
page 8      Art helps us dig below what we are presented on a daily basis
page 9      Inking masterclass
page 10    How to design a cover

I also run www.DigitopiaFilm.com which I’ve been blogging on for a few years – on film making, animation, writing, 3D tutorials and I have created a lot of VFX, animation and crowd sim reference for you there.

www.DigitopiaFilm.com also hosts my Director’s Filmography and I’ve put up a more in depth About Me page there too.

Be great to hear your thoughts on these posts, best way is to leave a comment below any of the posts – I’m hoping that we can create a community around some of the themes in the story or around the techniques used in the art.

The comments section below blog post is a great place to have that conversation.

Also as we begin to get the next batch of pages done, tell me, what topics would you like to see covered in the next set of blog posts.

Okay till next time, happy reading.