Digitopia Comic is launching on Amazon Kindle – would you like to see behind the curtain and see if together we can get Digitopia Comic to the Comics section bestsellers list on Amazon?

With your help we can launch Digitopia Comic to number 1 on Amazon Kindle under the Comics categories

Is it really possible for a new comic book to hit the bestsellers list on Amazon?

I’ve not seen a new comic series top the charts on Amazon before, but I know two things

  • I know that I want to try
  • I know that with your help we can make a better play at it

I can only get it so far up the bestsellers list on my own, but as a team we can amplify our efforts which will allow the book to rank much higher up in the best sellers list.

How can you join the Digitopia Comic Launch Team?

It’s so easy, all you have to do is put your name and email address in this form.

What to expect once inside the Digitopia Comic Launch Team?

Once in the team the whole plan is really simple there are only three steps which shouldn’t take you more than a couple of minutes to do.

  1. Buy the Kindle version of the book on Launch Day (I’ll set the lowest price for you)
  2. Help amplify the message to your friends on Launch Day (they’ll also get the lowest price on Launch Day too)
  3. If you like the book, then leave a positive review of the comic book

I will email you ahead of time for when these actions need to be done – that’s all there is to it.

Can you imagine being part of a team that outsells Batman, Justice League and Superman to hit number 1 in the comics category on Kindle?

How incredibly cool and what a great sense of achievement it will be to be part of a team that outranks all these comic books?

Joining this group will help us to time our purchases together. It will give me a single point of focus, emailing you and your fellow team mates who want to be part of this shared experience.

Join the Digitopia Launch Team
Join the Digitopia Launch Team

Interested? It’s really easy, here’s the form.

Thanks again for all your support – when we work as team anything is possible!

Below are some social share buttons if you want to encourage your friends to sign up. See you on the other side.


Don’t worry your email address is secure, when I email the group it will go from my email CMS system, AWeber, which means that no one else will see your email address. If you feel like you want to leave the group, I’ll include an unsubscribe link at the bottom of the emails I send.