Hi everyone and welcome to the first page of ‘Digitopia – The Web Comic’.


My name is Farhan, I’m the writer of the comic book, I’ve been writing for several years now and have quite a few scripts turned into productions of one kind or another*.


I originally wrote Digitopia about five years ago, way back in 2012.  I wrote it as a screenplay and have made a few short films of the back of it (scroll to the bottom for some of those links).  In 2016 I decided rewrite Digitopia as a graphic novel (which will be my first graphic novel).


I’ve always been fascinated by graphic novels and comic books from when I was a kid (on the meet the team page you can see my first comic book attempt from when I was five).


I set out to find a team to help me realise this.   I interviewed many artists, colourists and letterers along the way, I was really lucky to meet this team, Seb and Simon (again meet the team page, you can read their own introductions).


I’m really thrilled to present to you the first page of our web comic – which we’re working on to turn into a graphic novel.


Every week till the end of 2017 we’ll aim to launch a new page of the graphic novel as we’re nearly finished doing the first 9 pages.


Of the many interesting things about making a graphic novel is how the actual finished page differs from the script.  This is really a collaboration where Seb, Simon and myself dissect the script and find new and more dynamic ways of telling a story.


I’ve put the original script below as well as the initial layout of the page and you’re able to see how the page has evolved the more it’s left open for a creative team to explore the different storytelling styles we can take – it’s truly a fascinating process.


Original layout

Original Inks

Original text

PAGE ONE (eight panels)

Panel 1.
Establishing shot outside the mountainous area called
DIGITOPIA – a picturesque green area seen from a distance.
1. CAP (JAY):
My home, Digitopia was once a peaceful picturesque place.

Panel 2.
As we move closer all is not as it seems, plumes of thick
bellowing smoke stacks, buildings crumble under fiery
2. CAP (Jay):
Not any more –
— Not since the Confederate army decided that the Digitopians
were terrorists.

3. SFX:

Panel 3.
Below THOUSANDS OF DIGITOPIANS scatter – these people are
fleeing the warzone, carrying children, livestock, whatever
paltry belongings they have, as they scatter the sound of
4. CAP (JAY):
Doesn’t seem to matter who’s in charge –-

5. SFX:
Panel 4.
DIGITOPIAN after to Digitopian fall to the ground where they
land in puddles of mud & their own blood. Maybe emphasize some
children in grief over the body of their fallen parents to
illustrate they are non-combatants and the caption.
6. CAP (JAY):
— governments always feel the best way to fight terrorist is
by making widows and orphans out of the innocent.

Digitopia – an original screenplay by Farhan Qureshi

Farhanq_uk@yahoo.co.uk 30 th October 2015
7. SFX:
SOUND OF HEAVY TANKS and ARTILLERY can be heard approaching.

Panel 5.
Cut to the Confederate’s land, an abandoned concrete jungle
sitting under three feet of water. In the distance we see
Digitopia higher up on the mountain – far and away from the
flooding. Could look good if in the foreground we see the
Confederate's city deep in flood and then the further into the
distance, as the ground level rises, the flood subsides as we
see the green stepped rice paddy style landscape of the
Digitopian lands. Probably a fairly top down angle needed for
this. Maybe introduce refugees here in great numbers moving
from Confederate land and Digitopians kept in refugee camps of
barbed wire & tents?

8. CAP (JAY):
We used to be peaceful neighbours —
— Until their land became flooded.

Panel 6.
The tank rolls over the brow of a hill, smoke emanating from
the tank turret.
In front of the tank a small child runs for her life as the
closing in tank towers above her.
9. CAP (JAY):
For some this is a matter of life and death

Panel 7.
Inside a tank, a GUNNER takes aim and pulls fire.
GUNNER: He shoots! He SCORES!!! YEE-HAAW!!!
10. CAP (JAY):
For others it’s a game.
Panel 8.
Small panel, maybe inset, which shows a teddy bear splashed
with blood lying in the mud.


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*to see other work I’ve done check out my IMDB page for some of the other projects and my film and animation main blog here